About the project

‘Together We Are Stronger’ is a project to record stories of isolation, bravery, and kindness during lockdown to reconnect generations and foster a sense of community (during the Covid-19 pandemic) via digital storytelling. 

Artist Natasha Rand (founder of Creation Generation) interviewed residents and staff from Somerset Care and local elders from Yeovil to ask how they have been coping and to share their life experiences of difficult times from their past. 

Natasha Rand invited Yeovil Creatives’ members to take part in this community project and create a response throught the title as a theme, and podcast. The artworks would be given as a gift to the Care Homes to the elderly residents who shared their stories with us to enable the project TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER to become such a special way to connect through creativity. Before that, Yeovil Creatives’ responses will take part on the exhibition, in middle April to end of May in Yeovil Art Space .

To know more about the project and listen the podcasts, please visit https://yeovilartspace.uk/together/

12 Yeovil Creatives’ members involved

12 artists are involved with different medium such as painting, drawing, mosaic, theater book… Find here some pictures of their researchs and work in progress.

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