Each month, Yeovil Creatives are going to present to you one of our members. A close-up of their actual artworks, projects, and preoccupations.

“During the lockdowns, I’ve been trying to keep myself inspired by doing daily walks in nature. I feel grounded and at peace with the world when surrounded by trees, birds, the wind, landscapes, the sun, and silence. But there are days that I don’t feel creative at all. I try not to push, and leave my creativity to flow naturally. I like earthy, grounding colours. My palette often contains oranges, blues and greens.

Currently, I’m working on some personal projects. I do every piece with the same effort as if was for an exhibition, commission, or just for myself.  My workspace consists of a big, wooden desk in my bedroom that catches the sun. I’ve always got some music playing in the background, usually jazz.

Life is always about making the best of things with whatever you have around and being grateful for that.

Find more about the artist on her Yeovil creative’s profile page here.

Liz Caires’ work desk

All these creations were made during lockdowns: Miss Sunflower- gouache on Canson paperPortrait of lady Anais- gouache on Canson paperBlooming – gouache on Canson paperGold Rain – Gouache on Canson paperFlowery cat – gouache on Canson paper.

Step-by-step of the “Wolf woman”, A4 size, gouache and black pen on Canson paper.

New A5 prints available in Yeovil Art space shop, Quedam shopping center! These prints are made of matte paper and printed in Somerset .

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