Members decorated clay plant pots to raise money for their activities and projects. Each pot is unique, handmade and brightened with painting, collage or mosaic.

They are lovely characters in our wildlife window created by the artist and illustrator Rachel Akerman in Yeovil Art space. Rachel Akerman Illustration

All of this is taking part of the Front Yard Fest Yeovil, community art event to celebrate our homes, which will be 8 to 29 AUGUST 2021. For more, see Front Yard Fest Yeovil – Yeovil Art Space .

Each pot is for sale, £15, £20 and £25 for the bigger ones. Thank you for supporting us and enjoying a rare and very local plant pot!


Small pots (hight: 10cm, diamater on top: 11cm), £15 each.

Medium pots (hight: 10cm, diamater on top: 11cm), £20 each.

Big pot(Hight:16cm, diameter on top: 17cm), £25 each.

You are very welcome to send us a picture of it on display in your house, flat, garden or whatever! Use the #plantpotyeovil in Instagram or @yeovilcreatives in Facebook, or send us an email

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