CREATIVE OF THE MONTH – September 2021

The artist in her studio in Yeovil


Grazyna is a mix media artist working in Yeovil, she like choosing all kinds of media to tell us a story. Recent works refer to spirituality, shamanism, self-discovery, fragility of  everyday life and vulnerability. 

“Subtle Body” 2021

“When you are young you learn your body, sometimes working against your will. Which can be the best thing ever happened to you. Like a blessing.  Subtle Body “is a “quasi material”aspect of the human body, being neither solely physical nor solely spiritual, according to various esoteric and mystical teachings. This contrasts with the Mind–body dualism .The Subtle Body is what connects our physical body to the Causal Body (AKA Universe, Spirit, God)”. It was an awakening moment for me and I started observing experiences in the human – woman body. Observing form from formlessness level. 

Line work in this painting represents a link to spirituality, meditative state, surrender, calm state. The field surrounding the body is the opposite – maybe – It is like chaos – vibrations – the universe of emotions without any form yet –  formlessness. Cosmic consciousness in which we should identify ourselves. Mystical quantum build from energy. 

Member of Somerset Art Works.

Exhibiting in Yeovil Art Space on the Somerset reacquainted show, until 11 September.

Grazyna takes part of Somerset Open Studios event, 18 Sept-3rd Oct 2021 with 4 others artists and Yeovil Creatives members, in Yeovil Art Space. The artist organises with the artist Clarissa Ready a Textile workshop Saturday 2 October, 10.30- 1 pm, Yeovil Art Space. More info here.

Here, find Grazyna Yeovil Creatives member’s profile.


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