A collaboration between artists Clarissa Ready & Stéphanie Max, expressing their influences, process, finding bridges and creating new collaborative artworks around the theme of nature.

Clarissa Ready and Stéphanie Max have a shared interest in materials and techniques.
They have a lot in common and both articulate their research within mixed media,including printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, embroidery and textiles.
They appreciate experimentation and discovery, letting the materials speak to them and the shapes and forms evolve.

During the year 2021, the two artists met 4 to 5 times to enjoy creating together, exploring new ways to work and know more about each other. They set up small art challenges to play whilst leaving room to surprises and experimentation. They started sharing stories and drawings using dice.

Clarissa is a textiles and mixed media artist and explores ideas in a great diversity of materials.  She has a background in print, embroidery and  knitwear, influenced in part by watching her mother and grandmother knit and sew as a child.  Clarissa studied at Glasgow School of Art after which she freelanced as a designer selling work in America and Europe alongside teaching.

Stéphanie is a french mix media artist and uses paper as principal support. Her childhood was cradled by strong popular imagerie “Les images d’épinales” from the East of France. The little french girl visited a local printmaker and illustrator with her grandmother,  writer. This meeting with Jean Morette was more than fascinating and shaped her dedication for art, the printing press and more specifically her attachment to pictures and narrations. Paper is a love story, including her attachment to books, old yellowing pictures and  texts.

Exhibition at Yeovil Art Space

October 2021
During one month show in Yeovil Art Space, the artists shared a selection of personal artworks as well as pieces that “four hands have made together” and works in progress. It was an evolving ‘lab’ of experimentation. The artists proposed several workshops to share their experiences and techniques.

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