Part of Community Art School and Yeovil Community Art School Graduation Exhibition.

6 April – 14 May, Yeovil Art Space.

A new exhibition at Yeovil Art Space showcasing nine members of the Yeovil Creatives and their experiences with the first Yeovil Community Art School programme.

The artist associates and Yeovil Creative members in the school are Miranda Pender, Dawn Handy, Celia Brokenshire, Natasha Rand, Izzie Robbins, Sarah Moore, Rhiannon Cross, Jess Egan and Stéphanie Max. 

Between October last year to March 2022, this cohort of 9 artists attended a full day of teaching each month, giving them opportunities to learn new skills, collaborate, explore ideas around their practice and curatorial study, and ultimately discover sustainable ways to thrive as professional artists, in a regional and rural setting.  The show displays results from the practical sessions from the school, cyanotypes, placards, camera-less films and more.  The artists were also invited to share a personal response, a piece of art they have made interpreting their experiences with the school, making for an exciting and dynamic exhibition.

Detail of images clockwise from top left:
Stéphanie Max, Izzie Jobbins, Sarah Moore, Miranda Pender, Dawn Handy, Jess Egan, Natasha Rand, Carolyne Leaflet (Community Art School producer), and Celia Brokenshire.

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