CREATIVE of the month


All these creations was made during lockdowns : Miss Sunflower- gouache on Canson paperPortrait of lady Anais- gouache on Canson paperBlooming – gouache on Canson paperGold Rain – Gouache on Canson paperFlowery cat – gouache on Canson paper.

Each month, Yeovil Creatives are going to present to you one of our members. A close-up of their actual artworks, projects, and preoccupations.

“During the lockdowns, I’ve been trying to keep myself inspired by doing daily walks in nature. I feel grounded and at peace with the world when surrounded by trees, birds, the wind, landscapes, the sun, and silence. There are days that I don’t feel creative at all. I try not to push it and leave it to flow naturally. My palette often contains oranges, blues and greens. I like earthy, grounding colours.

Currently, I’m working on some personal projects. I do every piece with the same effort as if was for an exhibition, commission, or just for myself.  My workspace consists of a big, wooden desk in my bedroom that catches the sun. I’ve always got some music playing in the background, usually jazz.

Life is always about making the best of things with whatever you have around and being grateful for that.”

Find more about the artist on her Yeovil creative’s profile page here.

Liz Caires’ work desk

New A5 postcards available in Yeovil Art space shop, Quedam shopping center.

Yeovil Art Space

A new place in Quedam, Yeovil

We are expanding!!! From April 21, we will run two different spaces. The new space will be a gallery, an art shop with lost of creation from Yeovil Creatives’members and workshops. This space is in Quedam, Unit 23. The one we had, Unit 29, will be a music studio, digital hub and record shop!!!

Opening time for the shop and gallery : Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 11-2 pm/ Sundays 11-3 pm.

Exciting time ! More info will be shared soon.

“Together We Are Stronger” Collaboration

About the project

‘Together We Are Stronger’ is a project to record stories of isolation, bravery, and kindness during lockdown to reconnect generations and foster a sense of community (during the Covid-19 pandemic) via digital storytelling. 

Artist Natasha Rand (founder of Creation Generation) interviewed residents and staff from Somerset Care and local elders from Yeovil to ask how they have been coping and to share their life experiences of difficult times from their past. 

Natasha Rand invited Yeovil Creatives’ members to take part in this community project and create a response throught the title as a theme, and podcast. The artworks would be given as a gift to the Care Homes to the elderly residents who shared their stories with us to enable the project TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER to become such a special way to connect through creativity. Before that, Yeovil Creatives’ responses will take part on the exhibition, in middle April to end of May in Yeovil Art Space .

To know more about the project and listen the podcasts, please visit

12 Yeovil Creatives’ members involved

12 artists are involved with different medium such as painting, drawing, mosaic, theater book… Find here some pictures of their researchs and work in progress.

Apart Together Exhibition now opened!

19 September – 31 October
Yeovil Art Space

In September, Yeovil Creatives Members will be showing at Yeovil Art Space, a new art space located at Quedam Shopping Centre. ‘Apart Together’ is created by Yeovil Creatives members. It resulted of a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness. 

‘Apart Together’ calls for Yeovil Creatives members to submit new work to be within the postal size of 45cm x 35cm x 16cm with each member involved inviting another UK based artist to take part. More than 30 artworks will be displayed in the exhibition.   

“We are living in a strange and precarious time… As a group of artists and creative people, it is important that we carry on using these skills during this difficult time by sharing our creativity” 

As a growing and diverse network of creative people based in and around Yeovil, the exhibition will be a fascinating showcase of a collective action in the time of crisis. It is welcomed in a time when working together has been more challenging but also increasingly important. It will be a great opportunity to see art that connects us socially and emotionally, encouraging dialogues around the unprecedented event of recent months.

With a growing emphasis on the online presence during this time, work from ‘Apart Together’ will be shared on the Instagram account @yeovilcreatives #yeovilaparttogether and will be shown at this page.

Exhibition is open to the public at Yeovil Art Space (Unit 29 Vicarage Walk, Quedam Shopping Centre, Yeovil BA20 1EX) will be held in compliance with social distancing measures.    

Opening Time:
MON 10 – 2 / WED, FRI & SAT 10 – 4 / SUN 10-12 (Until 4 October)
WED, FRI & SAT 10 – 4 (Until 31 October)
TUR & THUR Closed

Alongside the exhibition, there will be a display of artwork by artist Jess Egan, a Yeovil Creatives member who received Creative Pathways bursaries from Somerset Art Works, as part of Somerset Open Studios event until 4 October.

For further enquires please email:

Click the image to see the artwork in details.

Participating Artists:
Lee Allen, Hannah Bottomley, Dean Broader, Christine Clark, April Cursons, Emily Dushscherer – Kirk, Jess Egan, Dawn Handy, Samantha Hann, Lucy Hawkins, Lorraine Hazel- Linder, Helen Layfield, Carolyn Lefley, Jo Martin, Stéphanie Max, Natasha Rand, Clarissa Ready, Dot Rogers, Lupe Velazquez, Claryse White, Grazyna Wikeirska

Yeovil Creatives Collaborations by Post

Initiated by our member Jo Martin, this is a collaboration piece between artists mailing a concertina of paper to another member. Each member who receives the artwork will contribute a section to it in their chosen format (words, drawing, painting etc.) and then post on to another Yeovil Creatives member. The finished piece will be displayed in Yeovil Art Space.

‘The work will travel, and hopefully not get lost ! Travelling will add its own charm to the paper and work on it (don’t worry if the paper gets a bit frayed or torn).’ – Jo Martin

Window artwork ‘A GIFT’

Our member Stéphanie Max has created the window artwork for Yeovil Art Space, a new community hub bringing art and culture to all ages.

‘A Gift’ captures her reflection on her time at home during the lockdown. Despite the challenges we all faced during this time, she rediscovered the pleasure through connecting with her family, friends and the nature around her. A gift which is precious to her and for many of us. The title ‘A GIFT’ has been translated into different languages. It represents the sense of togetherness of people from diverse backgrounds living in and around Yeovil.


In becoming a Yeovil Creative, you are part of a collective offering peer support to artists and creatives in and around Yeovil.

  • Each member will have a one page online profile on the Yeovil Creatives website (publishing in June 2020) to include an image of yourself, your work, 50 – 100 words, website, contact details & social media links
  • To take part in the annual exhibition
  • To attend the monthly networking meetings
  • To take part in workshops and events for free or a reduced price
  • To access to other opportunities, i.e. pop-up showcases and paid opportunities to run workshops and events

Yeovil Creatives is operated under Yeovil Creatives Network CIC and supported by Eastville Project Space ( All activities, i.e. meetings, events, workshops, exhibitions, marketing and promotion are coordinated and administrated by a volunteer ‘Coordinator Group’ consisting of members of Yeovil Creatives. The membership fee will be used for marketing, publicity and any associated costs in relation to the future activities.

Membership is on an annual basis between 1st June – 30th May.

Coordinator Group

Members volunteer their skills, knowledge and time between 6 – 12months to support all tasks associated with the group, i.e. marketing, coordination, design, communication and organisation. If you wish you join the coordinator group, please contact us.


Networking Meeting

Monthly meetings are every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm, including workshops and presentations from our members and guests.

Showcase at the Hub Yeovil

A series of monthly exhibitions takes place at The Hub, showcasing work by Yeovil Creatives members, ranging from paintings, prints, drawings and mixed media.

Apart Together Collaborative Art Project

We are living in a strange and precarious time. Many of us are experiencing challenges due to the lockdown alongside those losing their loved ones and suffering financial difficulties. Respecting the government’s advice it will be a long while before we are able to get together physically. Solidarity and kindness are becoming even more important for us during this time. 

As a group of artists and creative people, it is important that we carry on using these skills during this difficult time by sharing our creativity. We are creating a collective exhibition online and physically (when we can meet again).  Each member creates new work responding to the theme ‘Solidarity & Kindness’.  Each work is to be within the postal size of (45cm x 35cm x 16cm). Each member also invites another UK based artist to take part. We are sharing our connection and working together by gathering 50 artists to take part. 

New work will be shared here, on our Instagram account and will be shown in exhibition later in the year at the Yeovil Art Space located in the Quedam Shopping Centre.

For more information, please contact Zoe Li and Jo Martin at