Clarissa READY

Knitwear, fabric and embroidery designer.
Clarissa also works for Yeovil College and is currently a trustee of Yeovil Art Space.

“Drawing, print, stitch, embroidery, knit… I am interested in them all and find myself with never enough time to do everything! Turning 50 during lockdown became a poignant period for me, with a growing awareness of time mortality, memories and desires still need to be heard.  This exhibition has helped me to focus and discover things of meaning to me and this body of work brings together where I am now – developing stitch in new directions in different media.

Works started life after I saw abstract figures contained within the stitches (developed from up-cycled fabrics and threads). I found this discovery exciting and I have continued developing this approach having a great deal of fun layering texture, colour, shape and form.  I let the work evolve trying not to have any preconception or judgement about what I am working on but allowing it to develop from the shapes and forms created.  It allows me to work quickly and explore thoughts and themes that surface during the process.  Out of the remnants of memory and discarded fabrics comes ‘fine fabric’ representing the idea of giving ourselves new life.”