“I’m a self-taught mosaic artist, with a formal background in drawing, printmaking and graphic art with a primary focus on linocuts, woodcuts, etchings and mixed media.

Whilst my degree is still on the horizon, I’ve picked up a handful of diplomas along the way as a healthcare and youth worker – the wonderful people I’ve worked with over the years have all inspired me to become an art therapist. 

The current focus of my art practice is primarily on mosaic art and sculpture using recycled materials, mixed media paintings and sculptures, as well as printmaking. 
Using recycled materials in my work has always been a passion – growing up in South Africa with limited resources, as art materials were expensive and imported – I learned to adapt, adjust and incorporate recycled materials into my work.

I’m a member of the Yeovil Creatives and South-West Mosaic Artists. My work is available in multiple locations, including the Yeovil Creatives’ shop in the Yeovil Art Space, where I also run art workshops.”

Pictures, from top left:

‘We honour you’

‘Contemplation of the ancestral’

‘Flowering Hope’

‘Hold on to your dreams’

‘Rising Phoenix’