Georgia COSTIN

Georgia Costin is a self-taught contemporary artist living and working in Somerset, England. Growing up by the sea and in the English countryside, her colourful paintings are reminiscent of the places she’s called home and fanciful of the places she is yet to discover.

Picturesque landscapes, dreamy seascapes and vibrant florals are brought to life with harmonious compositions, bold colours and finished with the energetic flourish of her signature paint splat.

“Inspired by nature, moved by the seasons and fuelled by the voice inside my heart, my work is a celebration of the beauty in the world.”

Georgia has always had a creative streak and her family say that she was drawing before she was talking. Despite having no formal education in fine art, Georgia continued to excel and was asked to take her GCSE in the subject at the age of 12. After A-Levels, however, Georgia began working and slowly her paints started to dry up, collecting dust in the back of the cupboard.

During the spring of 2020, inspiration sparked, a passion for painting came alive once more as Georgia rediscovered her true sense of self when painting. Since then, Georgia has worked on several commissions and has recently gone on to sell her original artwork, slowly growing and evolving her signature style.

From top left, clock wise:

Come in With the Rain, oil on canvas, 61x61cm

After the Rain, oil on canvas, 59x42cm

The Place in My Heart Where I Hide, oil on canvas, 92x61cm

This Love, acrylic on canvas, 59x42cm

The Afterglow, oil on canvas board, 920x610mm