Izzie Jobbins’ work explores humour, archiving, and community-based practice. She often uses papier-mâché and model-making techniques to create sculptures which are irrational and ridiculous in their forms.

These objects are constantly recreated becoming caricatures of each other. She takes inspiration from family anecdotes with the work becoming remnants of these stories. She uses her sculptures and audio pieces in installations reflecting the stories and memories they are based on.

Izzie Jobbins lives and works in Dorset. She has a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Pictures, from top left:

Another Christmas Dinner (2020) – installation.

Food Stories detail (2020) – Papier-mache.

Food Stories (2020) – Installation.

The Lemon Cake Incident (2020) – Installation (detail).

The Lemon Cake Incident (2020)- Installation