Jess Egan

I am a visual artist working in the South West, my work is primarily centred around landscape.  I am compelled to try and capture, in my own way, something of being in the landscape, on it, witnessing it, feeling it. 

I work both figuratively and in an abstract style, painting, drawing and with photography, often looking to the horizon as a place of balance but always intrigued by shape and form in land and sky.  I experiment with my palette expressively and emotionally but often trying to capture the essence of what I have been recording in my sketches, drawings and photographs. 

I find myself exploring themes of nostalgia, wellbeing, seasonality and storytelling.  I use Instagram like an online sketchbook where you will regularly find me posting artwork and ideas.

Underneath – Acrylic on Canvas 90x60cm

St Ives harbour 19x13cm

Sketchbook Page – Watercolour 17x12cm

Morning Landscape – Acrylic Painting on canvas 1m x 1m

Days Beginning Approx 50x70cm