Jill Preston

My usual method of working is to first gather as much information as possible about what has inspired me.  Thus, I may take sketches & photographs back to my studio, where I allow adequate time for reflection before embarking on a painting.  I do not like to make paintings from copying my photographs of a particular place.  I prefer to illustrate the special elements which have become lasting impressions.  

As I have become increasingly interested in abstraction, I am exploring some new techniques & approaches.  This is an attempt to portray moods, feelings, even dreams – in short, my retrospective & emotional responses to my world.  This is very challenging but can also be very rewarding.

I have quite lot of experience running workshops for local art groups in Dorset and Somerset. I like to engage with the participants as they (and I) tackle the tasks. I prefer NOT to do demonstrations.


Pictures, from top left:

Canopy, unframed acrylic, 40x40cm

Freshening Breeze, unframed acrylic, 50x50cm

Ground Beneath My Feet, unframed acrylic, 40x40cm

Blues in the Night, unframed acrylic,  50x50cm