Lorraine Hazell-Linder

Art has been my first door way to understanding how to access the sub conscious and the non-physical world. The fascinating unfolding of this process has become my art practice and this has included my own therapeutic journey as a client and student of Counselling and Art Psychotherapy. The ‘galleries’ section on the tool bar shows a selection of work from this process. I am also a Special Needs Teacher (2000) and a need to better understand the emotional and psychological needs of my pupils/students led me to study counselling. My counselling practice integrates Psycho- Spiritual, Humanistic and Psycho- dynamic theory. I am developing a counselling practice focused around people with communication difficulties for example people with special needs and dementia. I naturally integrate visual and kinaesthetic methods into my counselling such as the use of art, dance, nature and sand tray. I gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1995 and my practice as an artist has moved from sculpture, through mixed media and into oil painting since my art degree – however – I still use whichever language (media) feels appropriate at a given time.