Mark Pender shares a studio with his wife Miranda, also an artist, just down the road from Yeovil in Sherborne. He retired from office life in London in 2016 so although he has painted, exhibited, and sold for many years, learning along the way and developing his style, art is now his main focus.

His paintings have found their way all over the world, which he finds very satisfying. He is best known for fantastical, whimsical or humorous oils, based on things like fairy tales, legends or even song titles but enjoys almost all subjects and using different media.

The Animals Entering The Ark, oil, 60×80 cm – A Noah’s Ark speculating on what may have happened to the dinosaurs.

Mad May Morris, acrylic, 35x43cm.

Lady With a Badger, oil, 60x50cm – A combination of Leonardo da Vinci and Sugar Skull.

Kymmene, oil, 39x28cm – This is my own sweet little horse, painted unusually with bare white canvas showing through and details scraped with a pin.

Three Gold Coins, oil on canvas, 60x42cm and inspired by the Dutch Masters but featuring Daisy the cow.