9 Yeovil Creatives members are taking part in the event.

Find here their venues.

Saturday Creative Workshops at Yeovil Art Space.


CREATIVE OF THE MONTH – September 2021 “Subtle Body” 2021 “When you are young you learn your body, sometimes working against your will. Which can be the best thing ever happened to you. Like a blessing.  Subtle Body “is a “quasi material”aspect of the human body, being neither solely physical nor solely spiritual, according to … Continue reading GRAZYNA WIKIERSKA


CREATIVE OF THE MONTH – AUGUST 2021 Landscape, coastline, and the skies above are fundamental features in my work, they are where I find space to think and ever since I was small, I have been compelled to try and capture what I see around me; just recently I was prompted to remember drawing mountains … Continue reading JESS EGAN


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