Born in Berlin Germany, I have moved to England in 1998, I have recently moved to Yeovil Somerset. Having worked fulltime as a Special needs teacher for 16 years, I have changed fields and am currently studying to become a Person-Centered Counsellor.

I paint abstract, using mixed media, I knit colorful socks and I sometimes combine the two. I am using my inner energy to create my pieces, together with influences from nature and day to day life.

My art helps me to connect with my inner self on a deeper level.

Pictures, from top left:

Heard on a string ! (40×40 cm) Oil on canvas.

Autumn/Fall ! (80×80 cm) Acrylic on canvas.

Chaos ! (100cm x 80cm) Layered Acrylics on canvas.

Secret Garden ! (60 x 40 cm) Oil mixed media on canvas.